My design concept

Having grown up in an over 100 year old Kyo Machiya – a traditional Japanese wooden townhouse – the time I spent in the skillfully created warm space has a great impact on my design as imagined scenery.

After graduating from university I entered the architect office T.P.A and studied under Mr. Matsuda who originally came from the Kenzo Tange Associates. Learning the basics of modern architecture and experiencing various of Tange’s pieces of work, I got overwhelmed by the strong impression of the architecture of the 80’s and it’s radiance that hasn’t lost any of it’s power over the years.

In my opinion the vector of architecture is not space but time.
It is when there exists architecture that [time] full of warm humanity will start to flow.
Without architecture [time] only exist as a concept.
I think that by using the means of architecture, design will spin time and time together where before only the concept of time had existed.
As described above, the reason why I regard the uniqueness of the architecture of the 80’s and the appraisal of beauty in Japanese traditional architecture as more intriguing than the stereotype design nowadays, would be because I feel that they both include the concept of time.

As for my idea of design, the process of designing will not be finished with the completion of the design – the people who use it will further foster it and together with the time spent there, it will get mature. That is my idea of architecture.
The same can be said regarding renovation: parts that get better with time, an impact that cannot be found in new material. By renovating in small doses, time will do it’s part again.